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    Biofuel (if cultivated, then also called agrofuel or agrifuel) can be broadly defined as solid, liquid, or gas fuel consisting of, or derived from recently dead biological material, most commonly plants. This distinguishes it from fossil fuel, which is derived from long dead biological material.

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  • Views: 464 Fueling Our Future

    Whether you are looking to save the planet from greenhouse gases or just looking to save money at the pump, there are many reasons to shed reliance on fossil fuels.  One way is to invest in the manufacture of Bio Fuels.  Roquel Cunningham explores the future of ethanol manufacturing.  Can it be a real alternative source of energy?  What other non-food-producing plant material can be used instead of food produce? Academic and business experts weigh in.

  • Views: 821 Critical Mass: Is biomass the answer to our energy needs?

    The burning of fossil fuels is currently the way we make most of our electricity, but the extraction of these materials can be costly and their supply is limited.  Plant cellulose is the most abundant biological material on Earth; is there a way we can harness this biomass material to fulfill our energy needs?  What plants are the most likely providers of energy?  How is the burning of this material less harmful than traditional fossil fuels?  Erica Baker gets some burning questions answered.

  • Views: 82 Green Means Go! Converting Algae To Biofuel

    Scientists at the University of Toledo are collaborating with the Center for Innovative Food Technology in the study of the obstacles and potential impact of using algae as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.  We visit an algae-to-fuel project site and discuss the development of a comprehensive algae biofuel research facility being constructed at UT.

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