Classroom Materials

  • Targeting Aquatic Invaders in Lake Erie

    To accompany the videos "Lake Erie Legacy: Harmful Algal Blooms" and "Aquatic Invaders Disrupt the Balance" students in Grades 9-12 can explore the interconnectedness of human activity and natural systems; specifically relating to the impact of invasive species, such as the round goby, pictured, on the health of Lake Erie and Lake Erie wetlands.

  • Views: 91 An Exploration of Wetlands and Estuaries

    Students in grades 6-8 role play scientists and analyze real-time data to gain an understanding of coastal wetlands and their vital role in the water cycle.


  • Views: 95 Polluted Runoff in Lake Erie: The Storm Connection

    In this lesson students in grades 4-8 will build upon the lesson unit "An Exploration of Wetlands and Estuaries" by using their model estuaries to determine how weather impacts our wetlands. Students will diagram an estuary and nonpoint source pollution while considering the effects to the wetland.

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