Downton Abbey Haiku

WGTE viewers used their imagination and literary skills to write haiku poems (17 syllables in three lines, following a 5, 7, 5 pattern) about Downton Abbey.  Downton Abbey fans created  fun, serious, silly and romantic poems to celebrate the series. 

One Grand Prize winner was selected to receive the book, "The World of Downton Abbey" by Jessica Fellowes.  And many of the most creative and interesting poems will be included in the Downton Abbey Weekend Marathon on May 19 and 20.   Watch the entire first two seasons starting Saturday, May 19 at 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and continuing Sunday, May 20 starting at 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Here are many of the entries, starting with our winner.


Sisters see husbands.

Family requires son.

War transforms England.

-Carol Yeager


Waistcoats abundant.

Anglophiles surrender to

High class pop culture.

-Dennis Blubaugh


La Belle Epoch gone.

Beautiful people displaced.

Who will serve tea?

-C.G. Stewart


Pretty maids in rows

Waiting upon their master.

What will he want now?



Lord Grantham owns all.

He believes he has control.

Cora controls all.



It is my pleasure

to accept your fine invite.

Haiku judging rules!

-Brad Cresswell


The Dowager sneers.

Does she deserve the prize?

Mister Moseley beams.

-Kathy Smith


Granny meet Granny

Cora and girls elated

Pity Lord Grantham

-Bev. St. Clair


I've seen you before

As totleigh, then misselthwait,

but really Highclear

-Mary J. Thomas


Small hat, higher skirts

What a shame but fashions change

Who will bob their hair?

-Barbara Zagrodnik


Mary and Matthew

All season star-crossed and cursed

Together at last.

-Colleen Lehmann


Mary loves Matthew

Miss Swire and Matt to wed

Happy end - Miss dead

-Colleen Lehmann


Cool Mary composed

Has embarrasing secret

Pamook decomposed

-Colleen Lehmann


O'Brien feels shame

Soap made a slippery floor

"It's not who you are"

-Colleen Lehmann


Who killed Mrs. Bates

Who could blame her sweet husband

Was it suicide

-Colleen Lehmann



Suffragist Sybil

Married the Irish chauffer

Not home for Christmas

-Colleen Lehmann


All through season one

Edity was ugly and mean

War made her kinder

-Colleen Lehmann


Matthew and Mary

Will they ever get married?

must watch season three

-Bev. St. Clair


April doth pillaged you're wealth

Last "Will"  join me Daisy, my love

kneel! commands the "virgin" Mary

-Brooke Lynn Dell


 Mysteries abound;

Answers to the future blow

In on winds of war.

-Lucia K. Leggette 



Love is elusive,

Hidden in the twisted maze

Born of convention.

-Lucia K. Leggette


One dance, one embrace

Fleetingly let the guard down

Opening flood gates

-Lucia K. Leggette


Footsteps in the night

Dragging scandal down the hall

Won't put it to rest

-Lucia K. Leggette 


Irish politics

Illicit love with chauffeur

Recipe for doom?

-Lucia K. Leggette 


Servants' quarters too

Housing all the elements

Of lust and intrigue

-Lucia K. Leggette 



Canine is victim

Of a footman's heinous scheme

To win the master

-Lucia K. Leggette 


Blackmailing one's bride

Scheming to gain entree to


-Lucia K. Leggette 


One star crossed valet

Loved by maid, hostage to wife

Prisoner of fate

-Lucia K. Leggette 


Second sister proud!

Learned to drive cars, farm machines;

Men are driving her

-Lucia K. Leggette


To the manor born--

Could the lady inherit?

What would that entail?

-Lucia K. Leggette



Fighting war from home

Wounded soldiers convalesce

On the earl's estate

-Lucia K. Leggette


How did this happen?

Poetry about TV?


-Steve Nowak


Who keeps Cora’s cash?

That is how it all started.

We can’t get enough.

-Steve Nowak


Oh Downton Abbey
Is Matthew your savior?
Something may go wrong.

-Steve Nowak


Quickly changing world.

What does it take to survive?

The Dowager knows.

-Steve Nowak





Edith, who are you?

Not the spoiled girl we thought.

Season three will tell.

-Steve Nowak


Grantham mourns the past.

But the women come on strong.

Is the future theirs?

-Steve Nowak


Progressive? Shocking?

Sibyl marries the chauffeur.

Will it really work?

-Steve Nowak


Servants work downstairs,

Aristocracy above.

Not much difference.

-Steve Nowak


Downton has us hooked.

More real than reality.

Good TV’s not dead.

-Steve Nowak


 Oh how long a year

When Downton we await.

Come soon season three.

-Steve Nowak