Secrets of the Manor House
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Secrets of the Manor House

Sunday, July 28 at 8:00 p.m.

A hundred years ago, the world of the British manor house was at its height. It was a world of luxury and privilege that has provided a majestic backdrop to a range of movies and costume dramas to this day, most recently in the popular "Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey.” But what was really going on behind those stately walls?

Find out when "Secrets of the Manor House" looks beyond fiction to the truth of the lives lived in these ancient British houses, and shows how mounting financial, political and social pressures were poised to bring momentous changes.

Shot on location at some of Britain’s finest estates and country houses and featuring interviews with contemporary masters and the servants, "Secrets of the Manor House" reveals that life in the manor house was a world unchanged for almost a thousand years. By the time the 20th century entered its second decade, mounting financial, political and social pressures would alter the world of the Edwardian aristocrat forever.

This new, one-hour special goes inside two of Britain’s most legendary manor houses, Manderston in Berwickshire and Dunham Massey, former home of the Earl of Stamford. During the Edwardian era, behind the facades of these great houses, a hidden army of up to 300 servants tended to every need of an aristocratic family.