Why Get Plugged-In?
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Why Get Plugged-In?

It is more inportant than ever before to stay in touch with the world of technology, science and medicine.  All of our lives are touched by fast-paced progress. 

Plugged-In addresses the big questions of our time, and our society, through the eyes and efforts of college students exploring the world of the future.

Who are the scientists and policymakers shaping the world we live in?

What are the viable energy options for a strong United States?

When is the next big breaktrhough in technology about to heppen?

Where are medical advances making a difference in peoples' lives?

How do the mathmatics and sociology involved in economics work with, or against, each other to affect the marketplace?

Why do some academic and entrepreneurial centers of research become hot spots of innovation, and how can those factors be harnessed elsewhere?

Join WGTE and UT to get Plugged-In to these and many other questions as we strive to find the answers.