Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis: Generation of Vipers
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Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis: Generation of Vipers

Thursday, April 10 at 9:00 p.m.

Elizabethan tragedy collides with 21st-century technology.

A lonely Shakespeare scholar, humiliated in a viral video leaked from a dating site, takes her life in despair.

Determined to assign blame for the scholar's anguish, Inspector Lewis (Kevin Whately) begins his investigation at the scurrilous video-hosting blog,, and before long, he is convinced it's a case of murder.

But when an Oxford youth connected to the case is violently killed, Lewis and DS James Hathaway (Laurence Fox) fall victim to TheBarker's sensational accusations. In social media stripped of identity and humanity, mirroring only loneliness, Lewis and Hathaway must cut through swathes of Internet anonymity to penetrate a "Generation of Vipers." Toby Stephens ("Jane Eyre"), pictured at right, guest stars.

Pictured above: Clare Holman as Dr. Laura Hobson and Kevin Whately as DI Robbie Lewis.