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Dr. Pete Wilhelm

Dr. Wilhelm is retired from NSCC, and now works at the college part-time doing the War of 1812 related material.

He taught History 101 and 102 (survey), Geography of US and Canada and World Geography, History of the Old Northwest Territory, and the Narrative Literature of the Old Northwest Territory at Northwest State Community College for 27 years. Also History of the Americas from 1995 – 2001 at Defiance College, Global Civilization in the Adult Ed program at Defiance College from 2007 to the present.

Wilhelm was co-sponsor of two Indian Removal Conferences (2006 and 2012) that covered the 1830 Removal Act and the forced removals of the 1820’s. Both included chiefs and official representatives from the tribes involved. Both were a successful. Grants from the Humanities Council supported both conferences.