Broadway or Bust: And the Winner Is...
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Broadway or Bust: And the Winner Is...

Friday, May 10 at 10:00 p.m.

The show at New York’s Minskoff Theatre is the final act and our 60 finalists prepare for the big day.

In just six hours, the lights will go up, the theater will be filled and, with the downbeat of the orchestra leader’s baton, it’ll be show time.

Going into the final competition awards show, all of the judges have a short list of top contenders, but during the show itself, they’ll be asked once again to give scores to the leading performers based on the group performances and individual medleys. At intermission, the judges will cut the group to six finalists.

Those six will perform their solos, and after another round, the judges will choose the two winners. In the words of director Van Kaplan, “This week … is going to shape their whole lives, whether they go into the theater or not.”