Educational Resources:  4th Grade Ohio History Standards
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Educational Resources: 4th Grade Ohio History Standards

Ohio in the United States:

Historical Thinking and Skills

 The order of significant events in Ohio and
the United States can be shown on a

 Primary and secondary sources can be
used to create historical narratives.


 Various groups of people have lived in
Ohio over time including prehistoric and
historic American Indians, migrating
settlers and immigrants. Interactions
among these groups have resulted in both
cooperation and conflict.

 The 13 colonies came together around a
common cause of liberty and justice,
uniting to fight for independence during the
American Revolution and to form a new

 The Northwest Ordinance established a
process for the creation of new states and
specified democratic ideals to be
incorporated in the states of the Northwest

 The inability to resolve standing issues with
Great Britain and ongoing conflicts with
American Indians led the United States into
the War of 1812. Victory in the Battle of
Lake Erie contributed to American success
in the war.

 Sectional issues divided the United States
after the War of 1812. Ohio played a key
role in these issues, particularly with the
anti-slavery movement and the
Underground Railroad.

 Many technological innovations that
originated in Ohio benefited the United