Race 2012
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Race 2012

Tuesday, October 16 at 8:00 p.m.

"Race 2012," a PBS Election 2012 special, uses the current presidential election as a lens through which to view America’s racial landscape. Its frank, behind-the-scenes approach navigates the high-stakes world of pollsters, strategists, advisors and candidates on both sides of the aisle who are competing for votes from various ethnic groups.

Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez, "Race 2012" delves into immigrants’ reshaping of the American electoral landscape, white voters’ reaction to their declining numbers and diminished influence, and the economic imbalance between races that may affect America’s political future.

Fast-moving and non-partisan, "Race 201" draws insights on racial political history from analysts, strategists and activists, including author/legal scholar Randall Kennedy, sociologist/author Rich Benjamin, Tea Party activist Ana Puig, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D), journalists Pilar Marrero and Ronald Brownstein, and many others. It also tells striking stories about on-the-ground sociopolitical influencers such as rising Republican politician Marco Rubio — often touted as the GOP’s great hope to attract more Latino voters — and author/activist Debra Dickerson, whose controversial book, The End of Blackness, landed her on national talk shows in 2007 before recession-era economic troubles forced her into homelessness.