Toledo Stories: Grain: The Harold Anderson Story, Part 1
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Toledo Stories: Grain: The Harold Anderson Story, Part 1

Thursday, February 12 at 8:00 p.m.

Mention "The Andersons" and chances are many, if not most, people will assume one is talking about a store. But "the store" is just one-sixth of The Andersons story.

The three-part series chronicles how Harold Anderson's dream to serve farmers began as a single truck terminal in the 1940s and eventually grew into today's publicly-traded firm with diverse interests that include agribusinesses such as grain and plant nutrients as well as railcar leasing, turf products, retailing and most recently, ethanol operations.

"Grain" begins with the immigration of Harold's father, David Anderson, Sr., who introduced his son to the flour milling industry. Viewers are introduced to Margaret Meilink, the love of Harold's life – and a Catholic. He was Presbyterian and in 1920, a "mixed marriage" was scandalous. But the marriage prevailed, weathering two failed businesses, personal tragedies and World War II. In 1947, Harold Anderson opened the Andersons Truck Terminal.

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