Toledo Symphony on Air: A Soldier's Tale
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Toledo Symphony on Air: A Soldier's Tale

Thursday, February 7 at 8:00 p.m.

The Toledo Symphony reunites with the Glacity Theatre Collaborative for Igor Stravinsky's quirky musical drama "A Soldier's Tale."

BEETHOVEN: Overture to "Egmont"
PENDERECKI: Concerto grosso for three celli and orchestra
     Solo Cellists: Martha Reikow; Amy Chang; Damon Coleman

STRAVINSKY: A Soldier's Tale
      Cast:  Edmund Lingan (Narrator); Qarie Marshall (Devil); Phillipe Taylor (Joseph the soldier); Semira Warrick (Princess)
      Musicians: Kirk Toth (violin); Georg Klass (clarinet); Lauraine Carpenter (trumpet); William McDevitt (contrabass); Gareth Thomas (bassoon); Garth Simmons (trombone); Gabe Sobieski (percussion)

Hosted by Brad Cresswell