Chef John Besh's Family Table
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Chef John Besh's Family Table

Thursdays at 2:30 p.m.
Premieres May 2, 2013

Award-winning chef, restaurateur and father of four John Besh launches a new series championing home cooking.

By planning ahead and thinking smart, Besh believes families can put delicious food on their own tables every single day. Shot entirely on location at chef Besh’s home outside his native New Orleans, "Chef John Besh's Family Table" features recipes from his latest award-winning cookbook, My Family Table.

Each dish celebrates South Louisiana's culinary riches — its ingredients, techniques and heritage. Recipes include: Grandmother’s fried chicken and potato salad, ginger-poached trout, seafood gumbo, grilled tomato and avocado salad, fried catfish and coleslaw, creamy heirloom tomato soup, angel biscuits, pork grillades, jalapeno cheese grits, whole-roast salt-baked striped bass, lemon ice box pie, rice pudding crème brûlée and more.