American Masters: Mel Brooks: Make A Noise
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American Masters: Mel Brooks: Make A Noise

Monday, May 20 at 9:00 p.m.

Laugh along as comedy giant Mel Brooks shares stories about his personal life and career.

“Mel Brooks: Make a Noise" profiles the larger-than-life, yet very private comedy giant. He has never authorized a biography and has requested that his friends not talk about him, making his participation in this "American Masters" film a genuine first, featureing new interviews with Brooks, Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Cloris Leachman, Carl Reiner and Joan Rivers.

“When they called me to say I had been chosen as the next ‘American Master,’ I thought they said I was chosen to be the next Dutch Master. So I figured what the hell, at least I'll get a box of cigars. When I realized my mistake I was both elated and a little disappointed at losing the cigars,” cracked Brooks, who will receive the AFI Life Achievement Award this June.

Showcasing the Brooklyn native’s brilliant, skewed originality, "American Masters Mel Brooks: Make a Noise" journeys through Brooks’ early years in the creative beginnings of live television — with Sid Caesar on "Your Show of Shows" — to the film genres he so successfully satirized in "Young Frankenstein," "Blazing Saddles," "High Anxiety," and "Spaceballs" — to the groundbreaking Broadway musical version of his first film, "The Producers."

The documentary also delves into his professional and personal ups and downs — his childhood, his first wife and subsequent 41-year marriage to Anne Bancroft — capturing a never-before-heard sense of reflection and confession.

Pictured at right: Back row left to right: Mel’s brothers Leonard and Irving. Front row left to right: Cousin Merrill, Mel Brooks and brother Bernard.