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Links & Resources | Eco-friendly Products

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Regional greenhouse growers have come together to form the Maumee Valley Growers (MVG). MVG is an industry-based association committed to sustaining and growing the greenhouse industry in northwest Ohio. The Maumee Valley Growers are committed to the following principles:
• Marketing only the highest quality plants possible under the Maumee Valley Growers logo.
• Increasing demand through awareness and preference of quality, locally grown products from our regional growers.
• Improving grower efficiency and profits through joint problem solving and networking to share best practices and resources.
• Growing our local economy by supporting new businesses that can supply our northwest Ohio greenhouse/nursery network.


Maumee Valley Growers is a not-for-profit association of regional growers who are committed to sustaining and growing the local economy. Through a collaborative process of sharing resources and knowledge, we identify solutions to commonly shared problems.
 Maumee Valley Growers explains why it is important to support local growers:

The University of Toledo’s Intermodal Transportation Institute is a leader in transportation issues and the movement of goods in the Great Lakes Region.

A recent survey shows that many consumers prefer locally-grown, sustainable foods and plants:

In 2007, the Oxford American dictionary named “locavore” the word of the year:

And the trend is catching on:

More info from these organizations:
Center for Innovative Food Technology