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Links & Resources | Lake Erie Center

Nifty Notes:

The mission of the Lake Erie Center, located in Oregon, Ohio, is to:

• Implement long-term research of environmental conditions and living and non-living aquatic resources in Maumee Bay and the western basin of Lake Erie

• Conduct research into the linkages between land-use practices and water quality, habitat, economics, natural resources, and environmental and public health

• Provide a facility for sponsored research and collaborations by faculty from the University of Toledo, other regional institutions, and visiting scientists

• Facilitate research and education experiences for graduate and undergraduate students; and Engage secondary school students and the public with outreach environmental education and informed awareness programs.

The Lake Erie Center encloses 30,000 square feet of laboratory, classroom, office and support space. Major facilities include:

• a wet-lab featuring a flow-through lake water system for maintaining living organisms and for conducting research relating to the physiology, production, and interactions of aquatic organisms

• an instrumentation laboratory equipped to perform a wide variety of soil and water analyses

• a geographic information and database laboratory with a satellite downlink for gathering, archiving and analyzing regional environmental data.

Supplementing these core facilities are 12 laboratories assigned to individual researchers, offices for faculty and students, classrooms, a library, a public lobby and support facilities. The building itself reflects our goal as it is designed to fit harmoniously into the surrounding neighborhood, constructed for energy efficiency from recycled materials and is landscaped with native vegetation.