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Nifty Notes:

Ohio has 42,000 bridges – the second-largest number of bridges in the United States. The Ohio Department of Transportation maintains 14,891 bridges on the state’s highway system.

The I-35W bridge catastrophe brought a nation to attention and sparked an outcry for better bridge safety, as well as vigilant infrastructure inspections and upgrades.

Just two months before the I-35W bridge collapse, Toledoans saw the grand opening of the Veteran’s Glass City Skyway Bridge over the Maumee River – the largest and most expensive transportation project in Ohio’s history. The dramatic cable-stayed bridge is maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The University of Toledo’s Department of Civil Engineering in the College of Engineering studies just such things as bridges, highways, infrastructure of all kinds.


The following was written in 2002 by employee of PR firm that handles the Veteran’s Glass City Skyway Bridge, however it provides some interesting background reading:

This is a presentation given to the Transportation Estimates Association Conference in 2002 by Ron Bauer, of the Ohio Department of Transportation. It offers many facts and figures on the Veterans Glass City Skyway Bridge’s construction:

After the August 1, 2007 I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, which killed 13 people, the Ohio Department of Transportation issued this release outlining its bridge safety inspections.

The June 26, 2008 issue of The Economist published this story about the nation’s rapidly deteriorating infrastructure: