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Links & Resources | Glucose Eye Scanner


Currently, the method for measuring blood sugar (glucose) levels in diabetic people is to draw blood by pricking a finger. More than 15 million Americans are diabetic and the disease has reached virtually epidemic levels. The pinprick method of testing one’s glucose is painful and may cause some diabetics to neglect their glucose monitoring, which could lead to serious complications and even death.

To the rescue: the Glucose Eye Scanner, developed at the University of Toledo. It is a non-invasive and easy-to-use scanner that looks at the liquid between the lens and cornea and provides an instant glucose read-out. Soon to hit the market, this technology is just about to break-out. Plugged IN explains the science in use.


Here’s a reprint of a story in The Blade explaining the device:

Here is a press release announcing the licensing of the Glucose Eye Scanner:

Here’s some more background:

Chief developer of this technology is Dr. Brent Cameron, director of the Biomedical Optics Laboratory at UT. He invented the Glucose Eye Scanner.