Links & Resources | Searching for Life on Other Planets
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Links & Resources | Searching for Life on Other Planets


What made sustainable life possible on Earth? Understanding where we came from helps scientists today as they search for life elsewhere in the universe.

Recently, Michel Mayor of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland announced that he and his colleagues had identified 45 new planets from a continuing survey of 200 stars:

More background on this major announcement:
The University of Toledo’s Department of Physics and Astronomy is studying this and more in an attempt to find out if there is life “out there:”

In June 2008 the University of Toledo announced that two of its researchers, Tom Megeath and J.D. Smith will be part of a very select group of international teams that will use the Herschel far-infrared space-based telescope to study the creation of stars and lifecycles of galaxies:

Distances are so large in the astronomy that scientists have to use the light sent to Earth from distant objects to learn about them. This web site explains in pretty basic language how light is used to study objects across “…the unfathomable void of space.”