Saturday, July 23 at 9:00 p.m.

It's all relatives.

The "Genealogy Roadshow" team connects Detroit citizens to world events with ancestral findings at the Daley Rhea Mansion in the Motor City.

A Ford Motor Company’s first female design engineer learns details of her parents’ secret World War II activities and her father’s untimely death.

A Mexican-American woman discovers the truth about her family’s groundbreaking presence in Michigan, and a Civil War-era ancestor charged with murder.

A long-held question about a woman’s relation to Abraham Lincoln is answered. And a husband’s amateur sleuthing gets a once-over from Roadshow researchers who confirm his wife’s connection to a legendary explorer.

Top photo: Tyrone Ingram, Jessica Rogers, Charissa Joy Los, Scott Los, Wendi Los and genealogist Kenyatta Berry during taping of "Genealogy Roadshow" in Detroit.

Photo at right: Rose Thompson with her family and genealogist Joshua Taylor (r) in Detroit for "Genealogy Roadshow."