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Links & Resources | Anatomy and Physiology Revealed


Anatomy & Physiology Revealed, is an interactive, multimedia computer program for learning practical human anatomy and its clinical application. It offers a “virtual dissection experience” in which students can “melt” away layers of skin to see what is beneath.

Mark H. Hankin, Professor and Director of UTMC’s Department of Neurosciences and co-creators Carol Bennett-Clarke, associate dean for pre-clinical medical education,  Dennis Morse, professor of neurosciences, and Roy Schneider, manager of medical illustration, designed the program with the UT Center for Creative Instruction as a supplement to dissection.

The software is not meant to replace hands-on dissection, however. Recently, the History Channel visited UTMC for program about anatomical donation, anatomy education and the use of cadavers in medical training:

The University’s Center for Creative Instruction created the program for “Anatomy & Physiology Revealed:”