Raw to Ready: Komatsu

Raw to Ready: Komatsu

Wednesday, October 16 at 10:00 p.m.

Explore the science, innovation and sheer genius it takes to transform the most basic ingredients into powerhouse machines.

From aircraft to big rigs to earth movers, "Raw to Ready" ventures deep inside factories and witness the hard work and craftsmanship necessary to build incredible machines.

In the first of four riveting episodes, "Raw to Ready" visits Komatsu. To extract precious metals found beneath the earth requires a massive 232-ton, two-story-tall dump truck with a load capacity of 320 tons — a giant earth-mover like the Komatsu 930-E.

This amazing engineering achievement is made possible by five essential raw ingredients: coal, chromium, mineral oil, latex rubber and sulphuric acid, an electron superhighway that generates massive power.

Photo: At Komatsu, engine fan blades wait to be assembled.