Held Hostage

Held Hostage

Tuesday, October 22 at 9:00 p.m.

An investigation of the  January 2013 al-Qaeda siege of a gas facility in Algeria that resulted in the deaths of 37 workers.

For the first time, explore the real and full story behind the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist attack in Algeria on the In Amenas gas facility, which was jointly operated by Algerian and European energy companies, including BP.

This new investigation raises unanswered questions about the attack: How did a convoy of terrorists travel undetected hundreds of miles and gain control of one of Algeria’s most important and valuable gas facilities? Ultimately, who is responsible for the safety of the facility’s workers?

In January 2013, foreign employees of the remote natural gas facility located deep in the Sahara — which included men from more than a dozen countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Japan and Norway, as well as hundreds of Algerians — were held hostage over a four-day period. Some hostages were draped with explosives, some were executed, and others in the group were killed during a raid by Algerian Special Forces that ended the siege.

"Held Hostage" combines compelling, emotional and exclusive first-person interviews with expert analysis and dramatic reconstructions of significant events and moments that unfolded over the four days. Among those interviewed are survivors of the ordeal and family members of those who were killed, many speaking on camera for the first time.

Survivors recount efforts to stay hidden from the assailants while trying to determine what was happening around them. The film details acts of heroism among friends and colleagues, and asks lingering questions about whether more hostages could have been saved. It also explores the response of the international community as the siege was unfolding.