Vicious, Part 6

Vicious, Part 6

Sunday, August 3 at 10:30 p.m.

Freddie and Stuart expect a long-awaited guest at their anniversary party.

When Ash accidentally mentions the party to Stuart’s mother, Stuart decides, finally, to tell her that he and Freddie are a couple. The whole clan comes around again to celebrate a typically awkward and eventful evening. Freddie is excited about the arrival of a celebrity actor guest he invited, but Stuart doubts she’ll show up.

With Ian McKellen as Freddie and Derek Jacobi as Stuart. Featuring Iwan Rheon as Ash and Frances de la Tour as Violet.

Top photo: Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.
Photo at right:
Frances de la Tour as Violet and Derek Jacobi

  • Vicious, Part 6