POV: Big Men

POV: Big Men

Monday, August 25 at 10:00 p.m.

Get an inside look at Ghana's emerging oil industry.

Over five years, director Rachel Boynton and her cinematographer film the quest for oil in Ghana by Dallas-based Kosmos. The company develops the country’s first commercial oil field, yet its success is quickly compromised by political intrigue and accusations of corruption.

As Ghanaians wait to reap the benefits of oil, the filmmakers discover violent resistance down the coast in the Niger Delta, where poor Nigerians have yet to prosper from decades-old oil fields. “Big Men,” executive produced by Brad Pitt, provides an unprecedented inside look at the global deal-making and dark underside of energy development — a contest for money and power that is reshaping the world.

Photo: Oil worker at a well test in Ghana, about 60 kilometers off shore.