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Links & Resources | Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation involves the transportation of freight in a container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (such as rail, ship and truck) without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.

The University of Toledo Intermodal Transportation Institute initiative began in the mid 1990s with public and private sector organizations encouraging the University of Toledo to develop a center focusing on transportation, logistics, and supply chain issues. From these cooperative efforts the Intermodal Transportation Institute was created in 2001 and began formal operation in 2002. The vision of the UT-ITI is to develop technology-enabled intermodal transportation systems and supply chains that promote economic development and quality of life.

The home page for ITI will lead you to news stories, project, studies and more.

Toledo is uniquely situated to become a major Intermodal Transportation hub, considering our proximity to Lake Erie, the Turnpike and I-75, as well as Toledo Express Airport and extensive rail capacity.

The Blade endorses the idea.