Toledo Stories: Jeep: Steel Soldier
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Toledo Stories: Jeep: Steel Soldier

Thursday, November 5 at 8:00 p.m.

See how Toledo's mighty Jeep helped win World War II.

Developed for the battlefield during World War II, the Jeep was called the wartime "limousine of Presidents and privates" and was the vehicle of choice for transport and attack.

This remarkable documentary, produced by WGTE Public Media, vividly recalls how the small and mighty Jeep carried men and supplies, acted as a power source for heat and light, served as an emergency ambulance and even acted as an altar for chaplains on the battlefield.

Follow the surprising story of the Jeep's original design, the result of hard lessons learned from the First World War. See the assembly lines at the Jeep's home in Toledo, Ohio, and hear the compelling eyewitness accounts from soldiers, Jeep auto workers and female test-drivers as they tell the true story of the vehicle that helped win the war.