Nova: Making Stuff Smarter
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Nova: Making Stuff Smarter

Wednesday, August 28 at 10:00 p.m.

What can nature teach us about building smarter materials?

Can we create materials that sense and respond?

With David Pogue as your guide, "Making Stuff Smarter" looks into the growing number of materials that almost seem alive–able to react, change and even learn. An Army tanker truck that heals its own bullet wounds. An airplane wing that changes shape as it flies.

And Pogue literally goes swimming with sharks to understand a different kind of skin that is intriguing scientists. Scientists are modeling a material after sharkskin to develop an antibacterial film that, when sprayed in hospitals, could eliminate MRSA and other anti-biotic resistant bacteria. Pogue concludes with a visit to a scientist who has created a material that may make Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak a reality!