Masterpiece Mystery!: Case Histories, Part 1
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Masterpiece Mystery!: Case Histories, Part 1

Thursday, May 1 at 9:00 p.m.

Jason Isaacs stars in a trio of exciting mysteries based on Kate Atkinson's bestselling novels.

An ex-cop from Yorkshire jogs across the hills overlooking Edinburgh, listening to mournful American country singers and mulling over his tangled life. It’s private investigator Jackson Brodie, played by Isaacs (Harry Potter).

The Sun (UK) loves "Case Histories," calling it “some of the hottest new drama to hit the box … an open-and-shut case!” Singling out Isaacs’ performance, the Sunday Herald (Scotland) deemed it “disarmingly unshowy and captivatingly on the money."

Atkinson’s first novel in the Jackson Brodie series, "Case Histories," was hailed by Stephen King as “the best mystery of the decade” after its publication in 2004.

Pictured: Jason Isaacs as Jackson Brodie and Millie Innes as Marlee Brodie.