New Media System

WGTE’s New Media System is an enterprise "cloud" system that supports interconnected libraries of New Media items. With increased access to affordable broadband Internet, the explosion of online Social Media, and the introduction of a variety of handheld devices, the system addresses the need of organizations to create, manage, and distribute content dynamically from anywhere in the world.

The New Media System uses a centralized code library and sophisticated database technologies to manage the flow and control of content and New Media stored on Amazon S3 servers that provide scalable and secure enterprise solutions. Projects, users and items can be organized and managed within interrelated projects and groups employing roles and privileges through portal-based forms and simple drag-and-drop tools. In addition to New Media, the system uses standardized syndication to collect and aggregate Social Media from mass social networks such as:  Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.; content social networks such as YouTube, Flickr, etc.; and microblogging sites such as Twitter, Pownce, etc. Leveraging content distribution with the linking benefits of social Web participation, and combining with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will directly influence the discovery of new contacts, content, and communities.


  • Views: 1 New Media Designer

    The New Media Designer is a browser-based "design your own" page builder utilizing WGTE's New Media System technologies.  The New Media Designer supports all media types (text, image, audio, and video) and offers unprecedented flexibility and control with a simple drag-and-drop design interface.  The New Media Designer supports a rich set of New Media tools including streaming media components, social networking modules, collaborative user accounts, dynamic Web syndication, and the ability to "design your own" pages and templates entirely through a Web browser.  

  • Views: 1 New Media Manager

    The New Media Manager is a suite of organizational tools utilizing WGTE's New Media System technologies - which combine the capabilities of social networking and content management systems, with the ability to organize and distribute all media types.  Simple administrative tools allow organizations to easily upload and distribute New Media content while providing an engaging web experience that allows visitors to purchase, rate, tag, and comment on published items.

    For organizations wanting to build an online community, the New Media Manager supports the ability to offer member accounts - giving members the ability to maintain an online profile and upload New Media content; discuss and share knowledge; create groups and collaborate; and connect with and open new communication channels.  Members also have access to search the entire New Media library; including other members, items, and groups.

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