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Share A Story

Share a Story is an annual contest sponsored by the Conda Family to inspire children’s imaginations and promote literacy by encouraging children to write and illustrate their own original stories.

This year’s contest was the largest yet, with more than 60 entries by children from all over the Toledo area.  The awards ceremony was a celebration by the 21 winning authors, children aged three - 12, and their families. There was also a prize for the teacher who sent in the most entries.
The entries of all winners have been added to a book available for download below.

This year’s winners were:

Three - Four Years Old
1st Place Connor Timmins The Giant Banana and the Giants
2nd Place Grace Howard The Flying Bat and his Friends
3rd Place Matthew Vernot Snow Day

Five Years Old

1st Place Maxwell Bertke The Pirate who Found Gold
2nd Place William Poling I Love my Family
3rd Place Halley Czerwinski Fall is Approaching

Six Years Old

1st Place Mason Condon Bella's Journey
2nd Place Lia Bandeen 13 Cats on a Porch
3rd Place Eric Sarnecky Candy Land

Seven Years Old

1st Place Jacob Howard My Thanksgiving
2nd Place Destinee Sarnecky The Girl who Got Lost in the Woods
3rd Place Maddy Tomasewski The Journey

Eight Years Old

1st Place Amiyah Jones Breadstick Met Barie Bella
2nd Place Zachary Michael Perseverance Pays
3rd Place Alyssa Birkhimer PenPals Friends and Pets

Nine Years Old (Two Winners Tied for First Place)

1st Place Hannah Thomas My Life Story
1st Place Phoebe M.E. Thomas When We Moved Here
3rd Place Makayla Macleod The Poor Child that Lived in the Orphanage

10 - 12 Years Old

1st Place Brennan Miller Book Wars
2nd Place Kate Hildebrand Swimming Fever
3rd Place Isabella Acevedo Lola's Adventure

Teacher Contest Winner
Jodie Bays


Collection of Winning Stories