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    Professional Development

Blended Learning Modules

WGTE Public Media's multimedia 2021 video series highlighted aspects of Blending Learning for teachers. This series used strategies identified in Ohio's Whole Child Framework and Ohio Strategic Plan for Education. The MM21 series consisted of three videos, as outlined below, with running lengths between 10-12 minutes. Videos were produced on location and in-studio with partners and subject matter experts from Toledo Public Schools and Sylvania Public Schools.

Success In Blended Learning


Approaches to balance subject discussions, demonstrations, and conclusions for unstable and unpredictable technology access for students.

Building Routines and Rapport with Blended Learning

Applying key and pivotal digital assignments that are appropriate for traditional, blended, and remote.
Cooperative learning opportunities into curriculum to build routines and collaborations.
Ways to outline and direct blended learning that is routine and user friendly for students.

Managing Blended Learning

Enriching planning and productivity.
Personalized student learning. 
Digital assessments and reassessments.
Approaches and methods that are successful. 
The MM21 videos are designed for teachers to help impact learners affected by blended learning due to the pandemic and enrich 21st century learning skills and new strategies.