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The Importance of Educational Assessment in Early Childhood

WGTE Public Media's Multimedia 2022 video series highlights the Importance of Educational Assessment in Early Childhood with a target audience of families. The FY22 videos are designed for use by families with non-specialized knowledge of assessment and Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. Parents, caregivers, and teachers will find these videos useful in understanding Early Childhood assessments. This series uses strategies identified in Ohio's Learning Standards and Ohio's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment along with Ohio's Whole Child Framework and Ohio Strategic Plan for Education. The Multimedia FY22 series consists of three videos, as outlined below, with running lengths between 3-5 minutes. Videos are produced on location with partners and subject matter experts from Toledo Public Schools and Ohio Department of Education, Office of Early Learning and School Readiness. 

What is observational assessment?

Observational assessment is: 

Visual and auditory - what you can see and hear
Intentional watching for certain actions or behaviors
Can be done individually or in a group setting
It can be formal or informal - it can include documentation in the form of notes, checklists or ratings, duration, frequency and/or counts of behavior - or how often
Shows whether a student has mastered a skill or task and also demonstrates problem solving, collaboration with others or other interactions

Meghan Chovanec Pre-K Teacher at Navarre
Carrie Collins Kindergarten Teacher at Navarre 

Why do schools assess young learners?

“Assessment is a term educators use when describing many of the ways they learn about their students’ school progress. Assessments that school districts give include traditional tests, but also include classroom activities that help teachers determine when each student needs additional help or practice, and when he or she is ready to move ahead in the learning process.” (ODE website)

 Brooks Elson Pre-K Teacher at Jones Leadership Academy

What is the Kindergarten readiness assessment (KRA)?

Basics of importance, purpose, use, and benefits

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) is aligned with Ohio's Strategic Plan for Education and directly relates to two strategies: Strategy 5 - Assessments gauge all learning domains, and Strategy 8 - Promote the importance of early learning
Carrie Collins Kindergarten Teacher at Navarre

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