• Professional Development

    Professional Development

October 2017


  • Google Workshops for Educators

    Many schools have signed up for Google's free toolkit G Suite for Education. It can be hard for teachers to know where to start due to the sheer number of tools available: Classroom, Documents,... Read more

  • Let's Get Social!

    Follow the WGTE Educational Resource Center on Facebook and Twitter for education news and great resources. We share sample offerings from PBS Learning Media, education stories from PBS and NPR,... Read more

  • Invention Literacy and MakeyMakey

    MakeyMakey has been called the “Invention Kit for the 21st Century” and it allows beginner through experts to engineer everyday objects into touchpads. The computer treats the... Read more

  • ITIP Ohio Teacher Grant

    What exciting new tech-enriched lesson do you want to try next? Let ITIP Ohio fund it!

    ITIP Ohio provides grant opportunities to Ohio teachers to reward excellence in teaching and promote... Read more