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    Professional Development

Professional Development

  • Finding Digital Resources Training

    Are you awash in a sea of technology but nary a drop to drink? Wading through tsunamis of tech to locate class-appropriate apps, digital tools, and resources can be overwhelming, time-consuming and, ultimately, frustrating. 

    We're throwing you a lifesaver!

    The ERC will be offering... Read more

  • text red and black ohio department education
    Attention Teachers of Foreign Languages and ESL/ELL Teachers

    Qualifying Ohio students can now be granted the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy. Here’s an update from the Ohio Department of Education:

    “The Ohio Seal of Biliteracy is now in effect for the... Read more

  • New Offerings from WGTE’s Educational Resource Center

    Critical Thinking in the “Fake News” Era: Evaluating Online Sources (1 hour)
    Current events have called attention to issues surrounding "fake news,"-- sources that target the preexisting biases of their audience to manipulate their thoughts and actions. The 2016 election... Read more

  • 2017 Technology Standards Rollout PD Update

    On October 30, ERC staff, along with approximately 50 northwest Ohio educators and administrators, attended the Ohio Department of Education’s Revised Technology Standards professional development session in Bowling Green. Participants were engaged in standards review, tech integration... Read more