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Invention Literacy with MakeyMakey

"One of the most accessible and versatile invention literacy tools in recent years is the MakeyMakey kit, a disarmingly simple device that lends itself to myriad applications within content areas and across grade bands. It delivers problem-solving opportuntities for students to collaborate, communicate, design, make and program their own inventive solutions to everyday issues. MakeyMakey is incredibly flexible. It’s used by elementary, middle and high school teachers. The projects you’re able to complete with the MakeyMakey range from simple to very complex. Leveraging design thinking, MakeyMakey offers students STEM-based engagement that is human-centered, experimental and optimistic."

Jay Silver, MakeyMakey inventor, founder and CEO of JoyLabz, on Invention Literacy.

WGTE is a certified Invention Literacy Training Partner and offers free MakeyMakey trainings, including kit, throughout the year. Registration required.

The next WGTE MakeyMakey training is Saturday, April 27, 2019.