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Invention Literacy and MakeyMakey

MakeyMakey has been called the “Invention Kit for the 21st Century” and it allows beginner through experts to engineer everyday objects into touchpads. The computer treats the MakeyMakey kit as it would any mouse input, so it works with all programs and webpages, and, as long as the material can conduct electricity, it can be designed to work with MakeyMakey.

MakeyMakey can also be programmed via Scratch for more interactive elements. The kits were inspired by the Maker Movement and are a fantastic way for your teachers and students to create, invent and imagine new solutions in both STEM and STEAM as they teach invention literacy concepts.

Did you know that WGTE’s Educational Resource Center is a MakeyMakey Certified Training Partner? To learn more about upcoming MakeyMakey professional development training for Fall 2017, call or email the ERC at (419) 380-4633,