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    Professional Development

New Offerings from WGTE’s Educational Resource Center

Critical Thinking in the “Fake News” Era: Evaluating Online Sources (1 hour)
Current events have called attention to issues surrounding "fake news,"-- sources that target the preexisting biases of their audience to manipulate their thoughts and actions. The 2016 election highlighted misleading articles from the left and right, but the issues are ongoing and affect public understanding of science, current events and history. The goal of this program is to help educators arm their students with tools to evaluate sources, understand scientific information, detect bias, think critically and make fair arguments.

G Suite for Education Basics (1 hour)
This training introduces the G Suite for Education, including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Forms. An understanding of these apps is necessary before moving on to Google Classroom. In addition to providing an overview of the apps, this session provides three models to help teachers understand how to best implement Google tools based on their own comfort level with technology and students’ access to technology at home. It is designed to help teachers see how they can begin using the apps in the classroom in simple ways, and suggest how they can progress to more integrated and collaborative uses when they and their students are ready.

Intro to Google Classroom for Educators (1 hour)
Google Classroom is a free tool that allows educators to organize materials, collect, grade, and return assignments, make class materials accessible and promote collaboration between students. This introduction will provide an overview of how Classroom works and show educators how to create assignments, make announcements and ask questions through the classroom interface. It will also help them learn how to share content from websites to their class.

G Suite for Education and Google Classroom Workshop (varies by request)
Each educator is encouraged to bring a laptop or Chromebook and a project (one or more classes or a school organization)-- everything they need (account login, calendars, schedules, files) to set up their project in G Suite for Education with help from the WGTE Educational Resources Center staff. This course will incorporate the two Google Intro classes listed above, but will allow more hands-on time so that at the end of the session, educators will have a course and materials loaded and ready to teach. The number of contact hours for this session will vary based on the complexity of the project and the educator’s needs.

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