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Tech Tool Spotlight: Artificial Intelligence in Education

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As we anticipate the start of the new school year, teaching and learning continue to be influenced by artificial intelligence software, hardware, and applications in the classroom. Yet, when we hear “AI” many of us think sophisticated (and expensive!) immersive VR technologies– like Oculus Rift. But, AI doesn’t necessarily mean virtual reality nor an astronomical price tag. Many AI tech tools are reasonable, or even, like AutoDraw… free!

AutoDraw uses predictive analysis artificial intelligence to ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ by searching through its database of professional illustrations of what you’re attempting to draw on its blank screen. As your sketch changes so do AutoDraw’s predictions.
Some of AutoDraw’s features include:

  • switching off the predictive feature to create your masterpiece unguided
  • coloring and resizing the image
  • downloading as PNG file to share on social media or creating a URL to share your drawing.

The application’s menu designs and icons are super-stripped down for familiarity and ease-of-use by the youngest students, or say, non-native speakers. Implications in the classroom could include supporting visualization and vocabulary building, nonlinguistic representation, and collaborative storytelling.

What could you create in the classroom with AutoDraw?