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ODE’s Seal of Biliteracy

Last month the ERC participated in the Ohio Department of Education’s professional development session regarding the 2017 Revised Intercultural Can-Do Statements, including learning about the Seal of Biliteracy available to Ohio’s seniors.
As our school and work lives grow increasingly global, second language mastery and English Language Learners strategies are at the forefront of classroom instruction. Here’s what Shannon Gilchrist from The Columbus Dispatch wrote on this topic just this week:
Ohio Schools to Recognize Students Who Master Second Language"
Being able to switch with ease between English and another language takes years of dedicated work.
Starting with the Class of 2018, Ohio high schools have a new way to recognize graduating seniors who put in that time and effort. And it could give them a boost on the way to a job or admission to a university.
The Seal of Biliteracy would appear on the school transcripts of students who prove through testing that they can skillfully converse, read and write in both languages.”
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What conversations are you having at school regarding bilingualism, ELLs and 21st century skills?