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Trends in eduction are changing constantly and there is always new research coming out - it makes it hard for educators to keep up. Let us help! Get the latest news and information on teaching and technology curated by us for your reading and learning pleasure in one convenient place.

  • Invention Literacy and MakeyMakey

    MakeyMakey has been called the “Invention Kit for the 21st Century” and it allows beginner through experts to engineer everyday objects into touchpads. The computer treats the... Read more

  • ITIP Ohio Teacher Grant

    What exciting new tech-enriched lesson do you want to try next? Let ITIP Ohio fund it!

    ITIP Ohio provides grant opportunities to Ohio teachers to reward excellence in teaching and promote... Read more

  • Ohio Department of Education’s Revised Technology Standards Professional Development Series

    Have you seen Ohio’s Revised Learning Standards in Technology but aren’t sure what to do next?

    Join the ODE for an introduction to the skills and knowledge that make up the revised... Read more

  • Tech Tool Spotlight: Using Amazon’s Alexa (Echo) in the classroom

    For around $179 teachers can choose from nearly 1,900 Alex Skills to use in their classrooms. The Games Skills include a mythical choose-your-own-adventure game called, The Magic Door and the... Read more