Mental Health Awareness Month

FM 91 is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month by hosting programs Sundays at noon for the month of May. 

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May since 1949, reaching millions of people in the United States through the media.

May 3 - Mental Health in Times of Crisis.
The COVID-19 outbreak is creating increased demand for mental health services - lots of people are feeling anxious or are getting depressed. At the same time, traditional mental health ervices have been disrupted. We take a look at mental health services and what people are doing to stay well during these times. We also hear stories of families affected by serious mental health issues, and why they say the system fails too many people. 

May 10 - Mothering
Giving birth. Giving Support. Being there. Being exhausted. To mark Mother's Day. "the Pulse" reflects on some of the ways humans - and other species - juggle fierce love and the never-ending demands of childcare.

May 17 - Regions of the Heart
Regions of the Heart, a national special for MHM, will explore thae ways classical music and musicians have sought to address mental health through their chosen art form. in terms of mental health and healing, classical music can express, console, channel, enlighten, and even heal. 

May 31 - Alone Together
Join Cantus for Alone Together, a special program highlighting mental health topics including depression and anxiety. The program is a collaboration with Call to Mind.