The Story of China

Travel from the Silk Road to the Yellow Sea with host Michael Wood as he explores the history of the world’s newest superpower. A thrilling and moving epic of the world’s oldest continuous state with the landscapes, peoples, and stories that made today’s China.

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The Show Must Go On!


Michael Wood watches an opera in the snow, to celebrate Grandma’s 90th birthday!

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China's Last Empire: A Rich Age for Muslim Culture


Under the Qing Dynasty Muslim culture had a new vitality – including all women’s mosques.

The Opium Trade in China


Professor Zheng Yangwen tells Michael about the impact of the opium trade in China.

"Why Can't Women Be Heroes Too?"


Qiu Jin was the tragic star of the failed revolution of 1907, against the Qing Dynasty.

The First Meeting of the Chinese Communist Party


Michael Wood describes the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai 1921.

The Last Communist Collective in China


Michael Wood visits the last surviving communist outpost in today's China.

The Chinese Voyages of Exploration


Michael Wood tells the tale of Admiral Zheng He’s voyages before Columbus.