Coming Back with Wes Moore

Coming Back with Wes Moore is a new series executive produced by best-selling author and former Army combat veteran Wes Moore. It will air in three parts on consecutive Tuesdays beginning May 13, 2014, on PBS.

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Taylor’s Dream


Taylor Urruela’s current dream is to play on the University of Tampa’s baseball team.

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Letrice’s Support


Letrice Titus helps a veteran through her work with the VA Veterans Crisis Line.

Star’s Separation


Star Lopez serves at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul while trying to stay connected back home.

Brad’s Recurring Nightmare


Brad Farnsley visits his family on the weekends while stuck in a Warrior Transition Unit.

Andy's Arrival


Andy returns from Afghanistan. He is greeted at the airport by his wife, Pam and son, C.J.

Tammy’s Rebuke


Tammy Duckworth rebukes a government contractor during a congressional hearing.

Stacy’s Recognition


Stacy Pearsall’s goal is to give recognition to veterans by taking their portrait.