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From the award-winning producers of NOVA, NOVA scienceNOW is a fast-paced and provocative science magazine show that highlights four timely science and technology stories per episode. Launched in 2005, the show is hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Buy

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What's The Next Big Thing?


Greet the future: social robots, a "smart" electric grid & microbes that make diesel fuel.

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Where Did We Come From?


Explore the origin of our solar system and the start of life itself.

How Smart Are Animals?


Dogs, dolphins, parrots and even octopuses (mere mollusks!) may be smarter than you think.

How Does the Brain Work?


Explore the psychology of magic tricks, magnetic wands, artificial intelligence, and more.

Can We Live Forever?


See artificial organs, suspended animation, genes that impact aging, and lifelike avatars.

Phoenix Mars Lander, Brain Trauma, Mammoth Mystery, Judah...


Season 3: Episode 6

Leeches, The Search for ET, Stem Cells Breakthrough,...


Season 3: Episode 5