WGTE Will Continue Broadcasting in its Current UHF Spectrum

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the end of the reverse auction portion of its National Broadband Plan Spectrum Auction. The reverse auction was the means by which television stations could sell their broadcast spectrum for wireless communications. While the forward (buying) auction continues, the FCC has now removed the “quiet period” rules for stations and given them permission to share information publically.

 For more than two years, WGTE’s board of directors, council of advisors, auction study group, and senior management invested an extensive amount of time considering the station’s options for the auction. 
Ultimately, it was decided that WGTE TV would continue to broadcast in its current UHF spectrum.
The FCC now has informed WGTE that it will continue to broadcast on its current channel. It will not be reassigned to another UHF channel. 
This is excellent news because our audience will not be inconvenienced in any way:  nothing about WGTE TV’s broadcast service changes. WGTE TV will continue to serve the region as a noncommercial, educational, PBS station that offers free, over-the-air broadcast of three (3) channels:  30.1 PBS HD; 30.2 PBS KIDS; and 30.3 Create.
As we look to the future, WGTE is excited about continuing its investments in the production of more local content, enhanced educational services, and increased community engagement activities. Additionally, we are optimistic about the possibilities offered by the forthcoming Next Generation TV (Next Gen TV) broadcast standard, ATSC 3.0.
Next Gen TV is ideally suited for use in the UHF spectrum, a distinct advantage of WGTE TV remaining in the UHF spectrum. Next Gen TV will enable WGTE TV to offer new, mission-focused activities such as interactive education, rich-media services to homes without broadband, and programming in multiple languages and formats to underserved audiences. Additionally, WGTE TV also will be able to provide more services to viewers by supporting mobile television, 4K (Ultra High Definition) and High Dynamic Range TV, and 3D TV, among other things. 
After providing 64 years of outstanding service to the region, WGTE Public Media is excited about its prospects for the future.
WGTE Public Media, licensed and operated by The Public Broadcasting Foundation of Northwest Ohio, is a non-profit, noncommercial, educational TV and radio broadcaster and a center of learning for northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. WGTE is proud to be a PBS and NPR member station. It was founded as a low-power educational television broadcaster in 1953. Education remains at the heart of what we do every day. From our entertaining, informative and educational programs that air on WGTE TV, FM 91, and www.Knowledgestream.org to our professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers and preschool day care providers and community engagement activities, WGTE makes northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan a better place to live.