Protect My Public Media

President Donald Trump’s annual budget proposal eliminates public media funding.
Specifically, the budget eliminates funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which distributes critical seed funding to local public radio and television stations.
Here’s why the President’s call to eliminate public media funding is a dangerous proposal:
  • Studies confirm there is no replacement for federal funding.
  • If federal funding for public media is eliminated, local stations could be forced off-air or to cut valued programs and services.
  • Rural communities could lose their only source of local media.
  • Low income families with preschool age kids could lose their children’s only source of educational media.
Here’s what you should know:
  • Public media funding amounts to about $1.35 per American.
  • Public media funding represents roughly .01 percent of the federal budget.
  • Cutting public media funding would have no impact on the federal deficit, but would destroy the public media system.
  • There have been calls to eliminate public media funding before. However, we have successfully overcome those challenges by making our voices heard on this important issue.
What you can do right now:
Call or email your lawmakers in support of full public media funding, including Interconnection.
Text Public Media to 52886 or sign a petition calling for the President to reconsider his position on public media funding.
Join a positive social media conversation on the value of public media. The hashtag is #IValuePublicMedia.
Sign up for our action alerts now, so you know how you can raise your voice in support of your public media stations.
Together, we can save our stations and programs.

WGTE is a proud partner in Protect my Public Media, a collaboration of local public radio and television stations, program producers and distributors, listeners and viewers who support a strong public media in the United States.


Federal funding is essential to the funding mix that supports public broadcasting. CPB funding provides critical seed money and basic operating support to local stations, which leverage each $1 of federal funding to raise more than $6 from local sources - a tremendous return on the taxpayer investment. The below facts should help clarify how these federal dollars are used locally to support WGTE Public Media's mission:

How much federal funding does WGTE receive from CPB for TV and radio?

  • $898,000/year - 22.3% of total revenues, an essential source of income

What does WGTE do with its federal funding?

  • Pay, in part, for PBS, NPR, etc. programs:  $1,079,300/year - 26% of expenses

How much revenue does WGTE receive from individual supporters like you?

  • $1,355,000/year – 33.3% of total revenues, the largest single source of income

What would the loss of $898,000 in federal funding mean for WGTE?

  • WGTE would have to make up the loss by appealing to already very generous, but challenged, donors to increase their annual contributions.
  • If donors do not contribute enough money to make up for the loss of nearly $900,000, WGTE would not be able to pay its bills to PBS, NPR, etc. 
  • WGTE, after 65 years, would run the risk of going out of business. 

If you have any other questions about funding or WGTE's finances, please contact Sarah Householder at (419) 380-4646 or .