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Toledo Opera: Music Behind the Mural and Where's Al?

The Mural at the Valentine (credit: Stephanie Elton/Toledo Opera)

Dr. Alta Dantzler joins us to talk about her creation "The Music Behind the Mural," which brings many of the characters from Paul Geiger's famous mural at the Valentine Theatre to life. One mural character absent from that production is Al Jolsen, known as the “king of blackface," which gives rise to a separate panel discussion on blackface and racism in the arts, entitled "Where's Al?" Joining Alta for a preview of that discussion are fellow panelists, baritone Kenneth Overton and consultant Brad Powell, along with Toledo Opera's Alyssa Greenburg. WGTE's Brad Cresswell hosts.

Both "The Music Behind the Mural," and "Where's Al?" are being held (and archived) virtually through Toledo Opera's Facebook and YouTube pages, more information at Photo credit: Stephanie Elton/Toledo Opera

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