America By The Numbers with maria hinojosa

Explore America's changing demographics and the stories behind them. "The New Deciders," a special AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS WITH MARIA HINOJOSA presentation, premiered September 6, 2016 on PBS.

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Funding for AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS is provided by The California Endowment, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Druckenmiller Foundation, Ford Foundation, PBS, and W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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The New Deciders


See how new voters across the nation are exerting their power in surprising ways in 2016.

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The New Mad Men


See how a successful ad agency is addressing multicultural millennials.

Surviving Year One


By the numbers, some babies have the lowest chance of making it to their first birthdays

Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town


By the numbers, the untold story of Southeast Asian dropouts

Politics of the New South


By the numbers, new Americans take political agency

Native American Boomtown


By the numbers, the largest oil play in the lower 48 states

Our Private Idaho


By the numbers, one of the whitest places in America