American Veteran

AMERICAN VETERAN is a four-part documentary series tracing the veteran experience across the arc of American history and exploring the present-day divide between civilian and veteran communities. From the citizen-soldiers returning from the Revolution to today’s warrior class, it is a deeply moving story, illuminating the veteran experience and drawing civilian viewers into an unfamiliar culture.

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Objects That Matter: The Vietnam Vets Memorial Collection


Army Veteran Duery Felton, Jr., is instrumental in curating a very important collection.

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Basic Training: Surviving Boot Camp


In boot camp, If you want to stand out, you better excel… or expect a lot of pain.

Basic Training: Overcoming the Odds


How do you overcome personal challenges, when up against the extreme trials of Boot Camp?

Basic Training: We’re in This Together


Kinship and cooperation can be the key to success in boot camp.

In the Heat of Battle


What’s it like to be in combat? Veterans describe their experiences.

Women in War


Three Veterans share how being female shaped their military stories.

Kill Or Be Killed


Soldiers are trained to kill, but in reality, the impact of this can be formidable.